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TEOPM, Project Management Specialists

Founded in 2014, our business started providing project management services in the semiconductor industry. We realized there was a void in collaboration and identified Smartsheet as the solution. We are now a Smartsheet Partner and continue to provide a high level of professional services across other growing industries.

Our veteran-owned small business operates out of Phoenix, Arizona, intending to help businesses of all types thrive with the personalized project management software, Smartsheet. We want to educate our customers in the best ways to manage and control their operations, and we’re ready to develop a Smartsheet environment tailored to meet every project demand.

Leading platform for Growing Businesses

We have the technology and expertise to help your organization grow, including interactive tools to vastly improve upon your reliance on outdated calendars and spreadsheet programs. Smartsheet is a modern platform renowned for its versatility and simplicity, empowering small and fast-growing businesses to control their processes and generate a higher level of collaboration. Make optimal use of accurate Key Performance Indicators, roll-up sheets, dashboard integrations, special reports, and more. You can build your brand knowing that Smartsheet provides:

24-hour platform monitoring

  • Multi-site data redundancy

  • Encryption to protect user data

  • Compliance with FedRam and FERPA

  • Mobile app convenience

TEOPM is here to offer automation and improved workflow efficiencies for all of our customers. We’ll generate an ideal Smartsheet workflow for you, complete with ongoing support and product training. Contact us online to learn more about our project management services, or fill out our form to schedule your consultation!

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