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TEOPM is a Smartsheet Partner. We develop custom workflows using The Project Management Institute, Agile, and Lean Six Sigma Methodologies.

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WORK Management

Our CONTROL GRID approach ensures we account for the four main project aspects (Budget, Schedule, Scope, and Quality).


Problems controlling certain aspects of your organization?


The Right Platform = Smartsheet

The Right Partner = TEOPM

The Right Method = Our Control Grid approach ensures your organization is on track with your goals.

TEOPM will map your workflows, suggest improvements, and provide solutions to keep things running smoothly. Your business is constantly changing, and TEOPM is here to help adapt those changes in Smartsheet to empower every team member in your organization.


Revolutionize Inventory Management & Supply Chain Operations with TEOPM's Barcode Automation Solutions

Elevate your inventory management and supply chain operations to new heights with TEOPM’s Material Back Control & Supply Chain solutions. At the heart of our offering is cutting-edge QR Code Automation technology, designed to streamline how you control Inventory Items. This robust system simplifies tracking, reduces errors, and enhances efficiency across your supply chain by providing real-time insights into inventory levels, movements, and trends.

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The implementation Process


Smartsheet Solutions

  • Identify Constraints
  • Streamline Communication
  • Empower your Team
  • Manage Vendors

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Take Control

New and fast-growing companies nationwide can benefit from the expertise of TEOPM. Our specialists and the Smartsheet platform work in tandem to personalize the technology for your business. Improve communication and take charge of your project with peace of mind in knowing that your current challenges and future changes are covered.

We are ready to get to work for you.

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