Material Tracker

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Introducing the Material Tracker system, an innovative solution provided by TEOPM, designed to streamline and enhance inventory management through Smartsheet. This system offers a comprehensive dashboard where users can efficiently manage and track materials and equipment.

User-Friendly Dashboard

  • Centralized hub for quick access to all inventory management tools and insights.

Requests from Inventory Form

  • Easily request materials or equipment by scanning a QR code from the item label.
  • Select pull in or pull out and add relevant notes to the request.
  • Automation sends approval requests to supervisors, who can review detailed information and add comments.

Dashboard Insights

  • Visualize key metrics with charts displaying the number of items requested by each user, inventory quantities by category, and monthly request trends.

Item Database Views

  • Card View: Displays item descriptions, images, and QR codes for quick reference.
  • Grid View: Offers a detailed look at each item, facilitating easy management and updates.
  • Easily add new equipment or materials, categorizing them for better organization.


  • Streamlined inventory requests and approvals.
  • Enhanced visibility into inventory usage and trends.
  • Improved organization and accessibility of inventory data.
  • Efficient addition and categorization of new materials and equipment.

The Material Tracker system by TEOPM is your go-to solution for effective inventory management, ensuring operational efficiency and accurate tracking. For more information, visit our website or contact us today.